UFC 257: Pre-fight Press Conference Highlights

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Check out the highlights of the UFC 257 pre-fight press conference on Thursday featuring Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler.
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Alfonso cano
Alfonso cano Пре 24 дана
Well he was inflated and erected artificially like a palm tree, now he fell like a coconut ! much ado about nothing !
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Пре месец
I wonder if Conor wasn't as confident this time; that there was doubt and that he could possibly lose. So he'd better come across as nicer to avoid jeering if he lost. Unless being a dad has matured him or his loss to Khabib humbled him 🤷‍♂️
Darin Avery
Darin Avery Пре месец
I'm surprised connor isn't trash talking
Kent Clark
Kent Clark Пре месец
Showing class and respects for each other before wrecking each other in the octagon where it should be.
Videos Chistosos
Videos Chistosos Пре месец
calvin kattar and dan hooker bolth choked when they had there spotlight
Brody Porche
Brody Porche Пре месец
This aged bad
Areeb Hussain
Areeb Hussain Пре месец
Khabib humbled Connor.
Timothy K
Timothy K Пре месец
This good guy Conor is not working in the Octagon.
wira orig
wira orig Пре месец
Khabib makes connor humble now... 😁
Dr. V.
Dr. V. Пре месец
Hey Conor you finally had done it all, including losing and make up excuses..
Anbe Sivam
Anbe Sivam Пре месец
*Khabib Changed this Sport*
Jinc Jin
Jinc Jin Пре месец
ErLiS HaY LaTeS. Ah WaN mA HaY LaTeS tA LoOk LaRk Er MoO VeE 🤪
Yasa Al Wali
Yasa Al Wali Пре месец
Surprised surprised the King is out on cold boom shaka💥👊 I prefer the old McGregor with to match Fire Inside him don't like the new one it's not real😉
aguss albar
aguss albar Пре месец
Gregor finished
Shuqaib Afridi
Shuqaib Afridi Пре месец
Now I like corner he is a change man and he will come harder next time but with zero attitude and a calm man I was the one who hate him the most but khabib fight change him
Gaming and Everything
Gaming and Everything Пре месец
Dustin won
Ray Escort
Ray Escort Пре месец
Conor just added a Classic to his highlight reel.. Get sparked out by Dustin Poirier 😱
Ray Escort
Ray Escort Пре месец
DAMN Dustin dusted this dude 🤣 Dang son. McNugget got cooked
Amar Rane
Amar Rane Пре месец
The way these cocky McGregor wannabies were piping up before the fight only for that whiskey merchant to get cooked in the 2nd round itself lmao 😂🤣
erelRa Пре месец
conor got humbled. AGAIN.
ReDmAn Пре месец
I don't care what anyone says I prefer that Conor over the loud mouth disrespectful version of him 👍🏽
Afsar Khan
Afsar Khan Пре месец
Haha heyyy man where's gone ur high pride which I've seen before fight with the world champion habib 😂😂
Pranoy Krishna
Pranoy Krishna Пре месец
Whose here after teh devastating ko
Niranjan Desai
Niranjan Desai Пре месец
Here after Dustin knocked Conor. I knew it Dustin will knock Conor. What an improvement by Dustin. He capitalised on conor's weakness. First round takedown, shoulder strikes, leg kicks, stunned and volume striking. So impressed.
Лутфло Саторов
Лутфло Саторов Пре месец
Leonardo Da Vinchii
Leonardo Da Vinchii Пре месец
Man of his Word . . Tonight the Big Fight He took his out his opponent in the 1st Round little Over 90 Seconds' Don't forget to Check out *Eminem's* New Music Video *Higher*
Executioner71 Пре месец
*i like how Khabib made Conor so much humble just like he said*
claycon Пре месец
Dustin looks nervous as hell.
Señor 916
Señor 916 Пре месец
Past Conor insulted and enraged his opponents to throw off their game plan, this present Conor disarms his opponent’s with compliments and saps their strength and drive.
Mafaz Rahman
Mafaz Rahman Пре месец
Khabib humbled Conor💯
Mo Пре месец
His highlight is getting banged by Khabib lmao and always will be
JJ Dillon
JJ Dillon Пре месец
Don’t ever forget antifa is just an idea
alfred king
alfred king Пре месец
Conor trying to hold himself like Khabib, At last khabib set the standards for a decent archetype for mma
Mohamed Rekik
Mohamed Rekik Пре месец
Khabib once said " i will make him humble" and he did it
Kris Пре месец
I want my haoy laoyite reel to bee like a mewvee
Hasib YouTube
Hasib YouTube Пре месец
Khabib really humbled this guy 😂
Marshall Fleming
Marshall Fleming Пре месец
hoy loyts
john smith
john smith Пре месец
Marcel Joers
Marcel Joers Пре месец
I don't know what it is but suddenly they are all nice to eatchother.before khabib started to bring respect in the post fights it was like boxing. I guess it is what is it. Making money, hype the fight and get a good paycheck. They don't care.look up once in a while and have a good life whoever might read this
Arpit Kshirsagar
Arpit Kshirsagar Пре месец
Thats all about Khabib's lesson.
mr wronguk
mr wronguk Пре месец
has Connor found Jesus wtf
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Пре месец
Wow has Conor changed.....He became a dad and boy does it show.....proud of you Conor the killer McGregor.....I like the new Conor...but still like the old Conor....
Khadimar jaafar
Khadimar jaafar Пре месец
Khabib is the best
Christian Silva Videos
Christian Silva Videos Пре месец
Conor is being too nice wtf
Tom K
Tom K Пре месец
conor all grown up and shit
Elmonster Пре месец
Did Dustin just give Khabibs charity money to Connor?
Cabdi Risaaq
Cabdi Risaaq Пре месец
Conor was made humble by khabib, since the Eagle kicked his ass.
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Пре месец
Khabib made him humble.
K Az
K Az Пре месец
Khabib make all them humble UFC humble
Mark Kravitz
Mark Kravitz Пре месец
Mr Dana let the real KINGS fight it out @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE! 😀 Best enterainment ever! 👊
Omid Heidari
Omid Heidari Пре месец
Not going to lie I love this new Conor... he is humble and sharp like a blade
Tonton Kaldoche
Tonton Kaldoche Пре месец
Conor appears like every people of his country .as polite than confident .welcoming and friendly country ready also to have you respectful of them !
Manish Пре месец
We have to give credit to Khabib to transform Conor into this polite guy
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith Пре месец
I remember when Conor use to trash talk his opponents and still knock Dey ass out 🤣🤣‼️
Gazlighter Пре месец
I can't wait for these fights. Feels weird to not want to see Conor's face smashed in. May the better man win.
Batman Пре месец
When's McGregor getting here?
Santosh Satisfied
Santosh Satisfied Пре месец
How come Conor came out so humbled?
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice Пре месец
oh my! connor looks extremely frail , obviously hes had to lose some weight
Martin Stuvland
Martin Stuvland Пре месец
Who tf is this guy, and what have you done with Connor?!.....but jokes aside. Connor's a changed man....would even go as far as calling him distinguished!
Mohamed Fiaz Ali
Mohamed Fiaz Ali Пре месец
Khabib 🔥🔥🔥🔥
malayman Пре месец
I really hope to see conor fight khabib again...one more time, please
Klangden Schmayne
Klangden Schmayne Пре месец
So does this automatically mean poirier is getting the ultimate payday?
Reski Rahab
Reski Rahab Пре месец
This is the best version of Conor
lucas kellyotoole
lucas kellyotoole Пре месец
Like:Conor Comment:Dustin
Randal Macy
Randal Macy Пре месец
Class act
G Grey
G Grey Пре месец
So instead of getting into his opponents head with verbal abuse, he is now lulling them into this fake world where he is all nice.
S BM Пре месец
Seems like McChicken is humbled these days 😆 29-0
Gems Dawson
Gems Dawson Пре месец
Dustin wins or sold out in this fight.
Kade Kevin
Kade Kevin Пре месец
Connor is not only trying to act like Khabib in his mannerisms, but he has also chosen to look like him..
sk azharuddin
sk azharuddin Пре месец
I that really Conor McGregor talking🙄🙄🙄
Shruti Bhandari
Shruti Bhandari Пре месец
Both were sitting it seems like father is talking and son is lissing
TheKYLN Prod.
TheKYLN Prod. Пре месец
TheKYLN Prod.
TheKYLN Prod. Пре месец
Rohan Kapoor
Rohan Kapoor Пре месец
Tony is the type guy to play mortol kombat agianst king kon to set his mindset he's best
Parth Agarwal
Parth Agarwal Пре месец
Conor hasn't gone humble. Conor was fake before he is fake now! I get it ... That is what you need for people to buy ppvs. Not a hater, In fact Ima fan of Conor's art. But to see people and odd makers discrediting Dustin like that. LOL . @350 Underdog, Poirier is the best bet I've seen in UFC in a long long time. Hard cores will be earning a lot on this I reckon. This aint the same Dustin who fought Conor the first time, But defo this is the same Conor. I am expecting a dog fight, 4 rounds (Diaz - Mcgregor throwback esque) Dustin gets the hand raised.
The Lion000
The Lion000 Пре месец
2:45 when your homie sleep over :))
joe freecss
joe freecss Пре месец
Look at dana just staring at conor at the end 😂😂😂
Patrick De Matteis
Patrick De Matteis Пре месец
Connor looks old Runned down Myabe all the drugs and roids
Darock Iscooking
Darock Iscooking Пре месец
Dan's gonna knock you out shorty
Words Words
Words Words Пре месец
I’m still young 😂😂 he looks like a 40 year old drunk
Mr. Cadillac
Mr. Cadillac Пре месец
Humble McGregor is even more threatening.
Trent Whiteman
Trent Whiteman Пре месец
Wow, now that's different. Huge respect between these men. Gonna be a good fight.
Natural Mulundu
Natural Mulundu Пре месец
Khabib knows that fighting a man twice is risky because he knows ur tricks... that's why he will keep running from Conor...
hui bui
hui bui Пре месец
So where is the part where conor and dustin change their favourite music tape?
Neetesh Chavan
Neetesh Chavan Пре месец
Khabib delivered on his promise he made conor a humble man🤣🤣🤣😜
funky town
funky town Пре месец
Dustin lookin like aldo when he fought conor. Nervous and uptight.
Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan Пре месец
Correctly said by the CHAMP himself he has definitely made this chap 'Humble".
funky town
funky town Пре месец
I like this version of conor, but kinda missed the trash talking version. Who else here feels the same?
superman sempak
superman sempak Пре месец
Bring back mcgregor!...why he become so to polite now??
funky town
funky town Пре месец
Lee Sinnan
Lee Sinnan Пре месец
Khabib change Connor
Paulin Bill
Paulin Bill Пре месец
The Humble vs The Proud Notorious....!!
on verra
on verra Пре месец
clearly khabib has made conor a better man ...
Ryan Harker
Ryan Harker Пре месец
Chandler better win after all this effort promoting him. Boy has the charm of a rock.
Ferdinand Joosten
Ferdinand Joosten Пре месец
You’re hummels again conor
Kenneth Martinez
Kenneth Martinez Пре месец
Dustin looks nervous as fuck, gone be a good fight tho.
chelsea fc
chelsea fc Пре месец
Khabib 😀
Testo & Anabolika
Testo & Anabolika Пре месец
Eric A Lopez
Eric A Lopez Пре месец
Yo UFC Jake Paul wants to fight Conor McGregor
Alex Sun
Alex Sun Пре месец
Proper McGregor
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