UFC 260: Francis Ngannou Post-Fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Пре 24 дана

Francis Ngannou, the new UFC heavyweight champion, spoke with the media at his post-fight press conference after winning his rematch with Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 on Saturday night.
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Azlin Binti Abu Asan
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The best Channel
The best Channel Пре 12 дана
Jon Jones Vs Muaricio Rua 👇 rsplayer.info/will/video/l5CEuoGtuWiGlqs.html
BLJKTV Пре 13 дана
Humble Francis is a truly scary human being 😶
Poppy Grant
Poppy Grant Пре 13 дана
I don't think Jones is scared but he's concerned. That's why he wants so much money.
TOTENTANZ 137 Пре 14 дана
Congratulations sir, keep er lit
Temo Magaldadze
Temo Magaldadze Пре 15 дана
Todd Duffe 🤜🤛 Francis Ngannou
Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer Пре 16 дана
He misses 78% of the time but 22% he nails it hard
Raigar Müllerson
Raigar Müllerson Пре 16 дана
Sorry but Jones priced himself out of the Ngannou fight. Guess its Lewis vs Ngannou now
Palehorse Пре 16 дана
Two great humble fighters..this is what mixed martial arts is about..Win or lose either one of them..love em both!!
Rene Vincent
Rene Vincent Пре 17 дана
A chance that there are subtitles because the sound is too low
AL M Пре 18 дана
Dana out here milking foreigners, low pay big sell but hey I get it, it’s business but damn Francis talking is so damn bad it makes me cringe I promise I won’t buy his fights. ILL STREAM THEM
microwavedmeows Пре 18 дана
Kenny Fishing
Kenny Fishing Пре 18 дана
Khabib IS the only Guy to beat Ngannou for free in a grappling match... Jon Jones wants $10 millions to fight Ngannou in Vegas and $100 millions in Africa
Mr. MeatPax
Mr. MeatPax Пре 19 дана
man digs sand mines when he was child............. man wins ufc championship belt............... Reporter : @5:19 r u a patience boi? Francis Ngannou: no, but yes :3 ok maybe.
zlayer89 Пре 19 дана
havent even noticed before but my god, that nose is bigger than my biceps xD god be with u ngannou, wish u the best.
Cosmos Star
Cosmos Star Пре 19 дана
Congratulations Francis! Congratulations Cameroon! Congratulations Africa!👏🥳 I am from Russia, and I’am so happy for your win. Here a lot of people are sick and worried about you, you have done a great job since your previous fight with Stipe, you are a great fellow, immediately from the first seconds your progress in wrestling, in breathing apparatus, in standing position, striking and so on, was noticeable, continue with that in the same spirit, congratulations again great champion Francis Ngannou!🇨🇲🇷🇺💪🥳👍💚❤️💛🤝🤍💙❤️
Tony Kunkerino
Tony Kunkerino Пре 19 дана
So I'm curios about something. I want some level headed comments without fanboying or hate. If u had to bet money on the question "is FN on Steroids or is his physic natural " what would it be?
Ramiro C
Ramiro C Пре 19 дана
How come migrants from central and South America don’t get the same respect Francis does for trying to better their lives. Most of the time they have the same struggles he did in Africa, they also live in shit sheds. I know cause I’ve seen it with my own eyes and have family members who live it. other than winning the ufc belt his story don’t impress me much. It would be a boring predictable movie.and he was already a grown ass man when he decided to make that journey. He was in Africa taking pics with purses before he left. Kudos to him for reaching his goal tho.
Linda Hlophe
Linda Hlophe Пре 13 дана
African migrants in Europe are not respected. They are despised. Francis is respected for his accomplishments, in spite of very long odds. It weird that you feel the need to compare one man to an entire group of people. Stipe is also respected for his ‘immigrant mentality’ being from Croatia. No one runs around complaining about it.
J - Fit
J - Fit Пре 20 дана
I thought Stipe would get the Job done, but he came in too light and Francis has improved so much. Amazing fight. Well done the the 3rd West African King.
Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy Пре 20 дана
Francis v. Lewis 2 to headline the McGregor card?? That would be dopeee
Gage Carter
Gage Carter Пре 20 дана
Love the monster bottle of water.
jonathan northway
jonathan northway Пре 20 дана
That guy is a beast and also comes across as a gent.. makes me proud to be a fellow human. Aliens better be wary of invading for a while 💪
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Пре 20 дана
How can you not love this guy?
arthur marsden
arthur marsden Пре 20 дана
somebody tell him to get closer to the mic
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu Пре 20 дана
Simon Miles
Simon Miles Пре 20 дана
He is an anomaly An amazing fighter But Jon Jones is just.......... Jon Jones
Yasir Abbas
Yasir Abbas Пре 20 дана
I want to Brock lesnar vs Francis ngannu
ADMIN Пре 20 дана
*UFC must do UFC Africa with all real African fighters like naggano, Israel, Perry let's go.....😤*
Paulobest Пре 20 дана
AcidGlow Пре 20 дана
Congrats to Francis.
Shane Jumbo
Shane Jumbo Пре 20 дана
Im sure Nganu pissed totally clear. He does not look like he's jacked to the gills at all. Lmfao. Dana white trying anything to de-throne Stippe
Maru Пре 20 дана
His journey to europe alone deserves a movie!
Gamer Freak
Gamer Freak Пре 20 дана
You finally made it uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas brother congrats
Yonatan Arifin
Yonatan Arifin Пре 20 дана
Many UFC fighters have to learn how to be humble just like him, softly spoken but Hardly, harshly punch with his Fist!!. Francis is the real man!!!!
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams Пре 20 дана
Guys I’m a black psych tech from the quote “hood” and nobody in my area knows these types of guys , but guess who is promoted....asseholes/criminals that play sports in their pastime
Jacob B.
Jacob B. Пре 20 дана
Sound is VERY Poor quality/ Too quiet for such a Platform.. come'on wtf
Kamrin Earles
Kamrin Earles Пре 20 дана
Francis has many dangerous opponents available for him; Francis vs Lewis 2 Francis vs Stipe 2 Francis vs Jones
Paul Filipovich
Paul Filipovich Пре 20 дана
If Francis fights Jones and it goes the distance i think Jones’s savvy, guile and diversified skill set would prevail just as it did against Rampage Jackson, who was completely outclassed, but if Francis connects with one of those shots it would be lights out. From a personal perspective I would love to see this soft spoken, humble man beat JJ but if it goes the distance, I think cardio will work against him
Supahypa 2k
Supahypa 2k Пре 21 дан
Crazy how far his English has came
Got Any Wet Figs and Games ?
Got Any Wet Figs and Games ? Пре 21 дан
Movie time for francis great story also told on the joe rogan podcast
bayu afif
bayu afif Пре 21 дан
Ngannou's english skills are getting better, he is savage in the octagon but he is also a humble person who is good at adapting to new environments.
a b
a b Пре 21 дан
What will make his fight against Jones even more exciting are their two polar opposite personalities. Literally a Good Guy vs Bad Guy story.
Bisa Ngaceng
Bisa Ngaceng Пре 21 дан
Francis Ngganou ❌ JOHN COFFEY ✅
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy Пре 21 дан
Could not have happened to a better guy!I hope Ngannou defends his belt many times!!
Bojan Vukonić
Bojan Vukonić Пре 21 дан
I am Croatian, and sad that Miočić lost, but happy for Ngannou coz he is such a humble person even in such a victory!
AN G Пре 21 дан
This man is AMAZING
Adam Пре 21 дан
Fix his audio for fucks sake. Him and Dana are whispering.
0Turbox Пре 21 дан
I'm not so sure about what would knock me faster into sleep, his fists, or his voice ;)
mike000395 Пре 21 дан
Stipe v Frances 3 rubber match Stipe retires W/L or draw Derrick Lewis v Jon Jones for #2 contendership. Frances is either champ or #1 contender after Stipe rubber match. Jones v Frances would be dream fight for title BUT if Lewis shocks the world beating Jones it makes Lewis v Frances HUGE...
Youcef Bilali
Youcef Bilali Пре 21 дан
Divine Divination Device
Divine Divination Device Пре 21 дан
He loses the title next fight... but if he wants to bad enough he can set a record for wins and title defenses in the heavyweight division....
Martin Springett
Martin Springett Пре 21 дан
5:33 his face expression though
Paulius Paškevičius
Paulius Paškevičius Пре 21 дан
Francis "ASMR to knock your head off" Ngannou
shariq naeem
shariq naeem Пре 21 дан
He's so humble even when he's at the top! I guess he's probably seen things much worse on his journey to the UFC which allows him to relax a bit
Jarred Jackson
Jarred Jackson Пре 21 дан
SOUND MAN! GEez with the constant feedback! DO I need to come work the gig? ughh...,
ابو فارس فارس
ابو فارس فارس Пре 21 дан
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
121 Indra Kumar Debnath
121 Indra Kumar Debnath Пре 21 дан
Who wanna see Jones vs Ngannou🤜🤛💯💯💯
Abo Kaz Naga Prince Charming
Abo Kaz Naga Prince Charming Пре 21 дан
A very decent fighter. God bless you endlessly in your future endeavours..... Keep shining ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Lalo Пре 21 дан
Is it a coincidence that Francis has such an inspiring back story? The fight was worked. UFC has a long history of accusations of rigged fights. Francis has relatively little fighting experience, no defense, no ground game and poor striking skills. You guys got sold a story.
Luis Betancourt
Luis Betancourt Пре 21 дан
Cant hear a word this dude is saying 💩
astralseeker Пре 21 дан
just for the joke and the haters, that would be so fun to see jon jones fight francis and get the belt
James Binns
James Binns Пре 21 дан
I love how no one in that room could quite bring themselves to say “Francis, can you bring the microphone a tad closer to your mouth please”
Northern Beast
Northern Beast Пре 21 дан
Francis is finally champ💪🏿👊🏿🇨🇲 UFC Welterweight champ, Middleweight champ and now finally heavyweight champ are all from Africa! So fuckin happy😊
Shubh Srivastava
Shubh Srivastava Пре 21 дан
Dana Red
Dana Red Пре 21 дан
I'm all on board for a francis ngannou biography movie but.. whose going to play him? The rock? Lol
Black Widow
Black Widow Пре 21 дан
FlawlessMMA Пре 21 дан
Christian Bale 😂
Philip Chan
Philip Chan Пре 21 дан
He has proven that he is all-rounder fighter.
The Drummernator
The Drummernator Пре 21 дан
The championship couldn't have gone to more of a gentleman. He carries himself with so much humility and care, such a welcome change from all the clout-chasers that are prevalent in all sports/entertainment/social media industries
Devils_Online666 Пре 21 дан
The MMA ALI !! A Champion way before becoming the Champion and a Humble King. Much respect to New Champ!
Troubled Пре 21 дан
The incandescent process medicinally mate because margaret pathologically snore afore a nostalgic message. wretched, powerful carnation
NightIIJester Пре 21 дан
Ok I've had enough time to accept you knocked Stipe out :( Well done Francis you prepared accordingly and fought a great fight congratulations :)
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen Пре 21 дан
Bruh, someone could have told him lift the fking mic
Bobby Sh
Bobby Sh Пре 21 дан
Pull that mic 🎤 up, barely hear him
Mike Пре 21 дан
Don't get me wrong but personally I like to see a fair fight. A 29 LBS difference is crazy, come on lets be real! Yes Francis looked great and he has finally learned to fight and with some skill this time but size has a huge advantage. Remember the Adesanya vs Blachowicz fight. Adesanya is the most skillful fighter in the UFC.
Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS
Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS Пре 21 дан
stipe needs to come in at 255 in the rubber match
Samuel Camilor
Samuel Camilor Пре 21 дан
Mike Пре 21 дан
lol @12:15 The Schmo always asks the right questions.👍
Smouve Couve
Smouve Couve Пре 21 дан
Nate Diaz voice - he’s on steroids . Mma fans - facts
rickey mohan
rickey mohan Пре 21 дан
Francis Ngannou should come back to Emirates and talk with his African brother from another mother Partey.
Trump Played Golf Way More Than Obama
Trump Played Golf Way More Than Obama Пре 21 дан
Francis Ngannou is a great fighter and a true champion!!! He’s also a good person!! He doesn’t beat up old men or hit women or do drugs or talk trash!! He’s a very smart guy!
1907KANARYAFB Пре 21 дан
Great performance. That last punch of stipe definitely hurt him tough
WOT MATE Пре 21 дан
The mammoth sack descriptively injure because parentheses logically agree concerning a delicious country. rural, regular goose
Darryl E
Darryl E Пре 21 дан
Next fight should be Ngannou vs Bill Gates
Predamike Пре 21 дан
Annnnd newwwwwwxxxxxxxx
Modest Modestus
Modest Modestus Пре 21 дан
Kids in Africa Cameroon u said? Where your corrupt leaders massacring English speaking Cameroon asking for their total freedom from French speaking Cameroon.. All you carrying your heads up as African champions should advise all these evil leaders there to stop 🛑 killing people for asking to be free. You can't reason for African integration without addressing people seeking to be free from all these contraptions called nations as ongoing in Zoological contraption called nigeria, where the slaughtering machines remain busy killing Biafrans. It hurts and shouldn't have happened or continue to happen. What a wicked world..
Percy Krunt
Percy Krunt Пре 21 дан
His life could be a movie starring Micheal B Jordan😁
King Zuko
King Zuko Пре 21 дан
No bruises, no cuts...clean job by Francis
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe Пре 21 дан
AND NEW!!!!! What a beast
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Пре 21 дан
AND NEW!! Congratulations Francis! You deserve it more than anyone!! Great performance! 😎😎
Bob Boucher
Bob Boucher Пре 21 дан
He looks like a mix of Lebron & Vince Young
عبد الله جابي
عبد الله جابي Пре 21 дан
He should've listened to his coach the first time around.
Saf K
Saf K Пре 21 дан
With his voice he can put kids to sleep reading them a soothing bed time story. A punch that hits like a Ford going flat out he can put any adult to sleep.
Tier Nan Gorduin
Tier Nan Gorduin Пре 21 дан
I just can’t see how jon Jones can beat Ngannou. If he does somehow he is unquestionably the GOAT.
Tyson Johnson
Tyson Johnson Пре 21 дан
ok Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenwevwe Ugwemmubwem Ossas. Ethiopia for life.
The Majestic
The Majestic Пре 21 дан
Francis is truly the most humble champion
Theo Lima
Theo Lima Пре 21 дан
When he defended the takedown PERFECTLY the look on Stipe's face totally changed....
Versatile Vizions
Versatile Vizions Пре 21 дан
That ending was
say more
say more Пре 21 дан
Ngannou Blahowich Adesanya Usman Khabib sterling(but everyone knows Yan) figueredo nunes shevchenko weili American pride must be boiling :DDD throught colby"s veins :D and suddenly dana black announces That his ancestors are from Congo :D
Bojan Chefssen
Bojan Chefssen Пре 21 дан
I'm Croatian and Stipe is my guy....but congratulations to Francis and big win 💪🏻👏🏻 🇨🇲 . It's weird how much Francis is calm and quiet in privat and when he say to journalists thank you sir 👍🏻🙂
Glockspecific Пре 21 дан
Get your mans, who tf let him wear that jacket lol
EaZy-Lit Пре 21 дан
Magnifique Francis !!! Force à toi 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
-Sir Drago-
-Sir Drago- Пре 21 дан
UFC... you have 3 African-Born champions... this is a wild sport and one punch could have any of them lose their belt.. BEFORE THAT HAPPENS.. UFC:Africa needs to be a thing.. from a business perspective, tapping into that market with a blockbuster card would be massive for you.
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