UFC 260: Francis Ngannou Post-Fight Interview | "I Owe This to All My Supporters"

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Пре 24 дана

Francis Ngannou is your new UFC heavyweight champion after he defeated Stipe Miocic in their rematch at UFC 260 on Saturday night. Joe Rogan caught up with the new champion following his second-round knockout.
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Hari Ram
Hari Ram Пре 19 сати
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Kakioss Authen
Kakioss Authen Пре 3 дана
James Bayliss
James Bayliss Пре 6 дана
His English is so fucking good compared to 2 years ago.
Carl Пре 6 дана
I wanna see him fight a 12 foot Reptile Warrior!
Prince Vegeta-son
Prince Vegeta-son Пре 7 дана
Shakir Ahmed
Shakir Ahmed Пре 9 дана
Congratulations Champ Well Deserved dangerous man big support from your Somali boy king Ngannou 👑 🇨🇲
MonacoPoker Пре 10 дана
United States is nothing without migrants.
Guy Loukakou
Guy Loukakou Пре 10 дана
From Africa to Europe how through pacific ocean??? No Dude, you wrong. There is only one way Mediterranean ocean babe. Don't be confused!!!
The person who is now flipping through the comments, have a good day to you, friend)
Dana Pink
Dana Pink Пре 11 дана
Fun fact: This is the first time that someone won the belt against the champion that was legit since Holloway vs Volkanaski
Mark Phillip Rivero
Mark Phillip Rivero Пре 12 дана
He's life story is simply the Manny Pacquiao of MMA
Armando Caballero
Armando Caballero Пре 12 дана
This guy deserved that belt after everything he went through
Last Virtue
Last Virtue Пре 13 дана
Francis is looking at the camera and the guy to the right of him at the same time
Nella Libeba
Nella Libeba Пре 14 дана
I don't like this man
George Gogol
George Gogol Пре 14 дана
Crazy how much respect he gets denying stipe his rematch and chasing the money fight after losing to him the first time just crazy to me
717 Storage Unit Liquidation
717 Storage Unit Liquidation Пре 15 дана
Francis is a class act for sure.
Hell On Earth Entertainment
Hell On Earth Entertainment Пре 15 дана
" Rise me higher "
kratoon Пре 15 дана
I like Miocic but this guy deserves this title.
aVernix Пре 16 дана
aVernix Пре 16 дана
magzire Пре 16 дана
Size of his arms is ridiculous
Syed Sarfraz
Syed Sarfraz Пре 16 дана
The most deserving heavy weight of all time!!
Bounce Da Hiker
Bounce Da Hiker Пре 16 дана
What an awesome champ. Can’t wait to see him fight Bones.
Sama Narbi
Sama Narbi Пре 17 дана
Thak all gold back to Africa
Hear me vent
Hear me vent Пре 17 дана
“Can I have a water” reminds me of any African event I go to
Seep ala Baba
Seep ala Baba Пре 17 дана
Humble guyy ....perfect champ🔥🔥
Francis ngannou will knock you tf out
King and always will be goodnight Jon jones lol
Pats17 Пре 17 дана
Respeto kbrones
Geoff TEEVEE Пре 18 дана
He's GOTTA get with MIKE to work on his BOXING. GREAT CHAMPION, but his form as a boxer is his Achilles heel.
Rat Пре 18 дана
Spotify told Joe to plug the JRE lmao
WM Пре 18 дана
After Usman and Magomed joined, Bellator, becoming very interesting. If UFC just rely on Connor, Diaz, or Masvidal and actuate very good fighter like Islam, Umar, Khamzat, Kamaru, etc, I am sure UFC will be defeated by BELLATOR in the future.
35 learn
35 learn Пре 18 дана
Joe's Wooo & Fransis's Let's go baby !!!
35 learn
35 learn Пре 18 дана
Only one thing for Fransis to stay undefeted. Usman yelling wispers of RELAX
Kerim Пре 18 дана
So happy for this man. What an inspiration!
Laura Powers
Laura Powers Пре 18 дана
Cant wait to see if Mike Tyson has DNA from Camaroon!!!
Carl J
Carl J Пре 18 дана
“Fight him in Argos”
a poor pauper
a poor pauper Пре 18 дана
They keep throwing "the greatest" this the greatest that, but I'll bet NGannou will ko Jones, they have an almost similar reach . I don't think Jones wants the fight
a poor pauper
a poor pauper Пре 18 дана
Make the 1st defence in France (MMA is legal now ) or Africa !!!!
DC Пре 18 дана
If you been to Africa you know. There are alot of Young Africans who are willing to sacrifice Litteraly everything to make it out of the mud. For all the people who really seek for a better life. Mag god bless your journey.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Пре 19 дана
He earned it. It's his time. Nothing wrong with Stipe at all, he had his time. A 3rd fight might get a different result bit Stipe has a nice life, be a risk to fight again
Joel387 suzuki
Joel387 suzuki Пре 19 дана
You couldn't imagine or dream of a story as amazing as this guys from trying to escape Cameroon to champ unreal deserves every bit of it
R G Пре 19 дана
Congratulations FN! You deserve it... stay great and humble! You inspired many..
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes Пре 19 дана
Jon has never lost a fight and the only time he has was from some stupid decision jones will demolish him.
Saša Mihelčić
Saša Mihelčić Пре 19 дана
2 men ended in hospital that day, Stipe and that guy who lifted Francis Ngannou on 4:24
London Juice
London Juice Пре 19 дана
Ufc need to do a event In AFRICA
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname Пре 19 дана
Look at Joe laughing at Ngannou asking for some water 🤣
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Пре 19 дана
Knocked the guy out in the first round and he's still sweating?
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Пре 19 дана
Owes it to his doctor?
Arstarot Пре 19 дана
Francis! read me... you paid for that last punch against miocic! remember me.
Mr Scouse
Mr Scouse Пре 19 дана
Eat da poo poo
TheRogueSquid Пре 19 дана
Good for him he put in the work.
Gena Kozlov
Gena Kozlov Пре 19 дана
Dana I love you ,because you man for me,but if you don't reematch cry sterling pussy and Man tru only tru man Yan Petr, i never see ufs ,because I think and i think now you Man you're wards.
michael burkett
michael burkett Пре 19 дана
How can you not like this guy? He seems like such a great human being and doesn't take short cuts, just hard work. Congrats you earned it! 👊
chikanma o
chikanma o Пре 19 дана
Jon Jones fans are so delusional...
Tipota Kala
Tipota Kala Пре 19 дана
If Francis N. has determined from zero to UFC world Champion, then improving in English is nothing to talk about. The guy is ORGANICALLY PURE ARFRICAN:, No Tatoo, nothing at all. A different specie of * Homeless guy*. I RESPECT u bro. Congratulations once more. Despit the bad governance of that country, champions of big categories are still emerging..
Coley Amos
Coley Amos Пре 19 дана
The Bob Ross of the UfC. 🌲
Clint Sims
Clint Sims Пре 19 дана
Surely Stipe gets a trilogy fight? It's 1 all
yuvi singh
yuvi singh Пре 19 дана
i think due to make oney prblm that is why jon jones not fight with francis ngannou i am also big fan of job bony jones love from india punjab faridkot state
yuvi singh
yuvi singh Пре 19 дана
real champion in social life real champion in ufc both side francis ngannou done it by their struggles now he is the new king of ufc
yuvi singh
yuvi singh Пре 19 дана
i m from india big fan of francis ngannou road to top number one ufc heavyweight champion Francis ngannou real struggle real champion
yuvi singh
yuvi singh Пре 19 дана
new era of heavyweight champion the beast francis ngannou
yuvi singh
yuvi singh Пре 19 дана
real king of this game
Shelly Ramsel
Shelly Ramsel Пре 19 дана
Its to bad he isnt around Lloydminster, ive been in the hospital for the past 3 months.
Sigurdur Kjartansson
Sigurdur Kjartansson Пре 19 дана
now hang on lets see how many times he defends it.
Sigurdur Kjartansson
Sigurdur Kjartansson Пре 19 дана
is it really that great to win a fight? lol he wins a fight and now hes got people getting his water.
TireBack Пре 13 дана
He just knocked out one of the top 3 greatest heavyweights of all time in ufc ofc this win is great
CRAZY HOR$E Пре 19 дана
UFranCis 🥇
CRAZY HOR$E Пре 19 дана
Number 1 Baby Savage
CRAZY HOR$E Пре 19 дана
Nandan Nadkarni
Nandan Nadkarni Пре 20 дана
Leon Edwards is also African and so is Jon Jones as per Marty from Nebraska
sterlings daddy
sterlings daddy Пре 20 дана
So who the fuck disliked this what was wrong with this interview I am confused
Mangas Colorado
Mangas Colorado Пре 20 дана
They don't even look like the same weight class.
corwin s
corwin s Пре 20 дана
2:31 😭😭 he sounds so nice lol
Didier Egoulhakpa
Didier Egoulhakpa Пре 20 дана
L Afrique tout entier est avec toi
Hunter Daniel
Hunter Daniel Пре 20 дана
Coming from a guy whose password “Jonnybones” when I was 12, after seeing Francis on the Hotbox with Mike I was a fan. Much love for that man gonna be a tough one if Jon takes the fight!😅😖
Mr Hairul84
Mr Hairul84 Пре 20 дана
congratulation Nganu..
GDoc ALBA Пре 20 дана
Fucking love Ngannou. A fighter that actually goes in to fight... Not stamp on toes... Not hug the shit out of his opponent... Not hold them against a fence.... A proper fighter! And one who has the balls to go toe to toe with any man. He's something else. Fighters like Usman should take a leaf out his book.... Not one foot or toe stamp #realchamp #peoplesUFCchamp
Sam Mas
Sam Mas Пре 20 дана
Congratulations! You worked for and earned it!
Avni Gusani
Avni Gusani Пре 20 дана
Bravo. Bravo.. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FAMILY BRO 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆Never give up 💪💪💪
kingsley Пре 20 дана
all the white racists crying over here. It takes a nonracist person to know that stip can never beat Ngannou again? How can he beat him now? I am sure you dont want to trade punches with the new Ngannou. He can now wrestle, more calm, confident, a good striker, and still has the fist bombs. The things he lacked, he now has them. Only Derrick stands a chance against him and not by out striking him but dropping a lucky bomb on his chin. I don't see Jones winning or knocking Ngannou out. It's going to play out like Izzy and Jan
anderson rivera87
anderson rivera87 Пре 3 дана
How stipe is the greatest heavyweight no doubt and already beat francis. This was a passing of the torch to a raw african beast
菜英文 Пре 20 дана
66B NO.1
Bautista Fernandez
Bautista Fernandez Пре 20 дана
Bautista Fernandez
Bautista Fernandez Пре 20 дана
Bautista Fernandez
Bautista Fernandez Пре 20 дана
Przystankowa ŁaFKa
Przystankowa ŁaFKa Пре 20 дана
After fight Adesanya vsBłachowicz i cant listen Rogan and DC. Everything what hi talk is fcking fake
kid mid
kid mid Пре 20 дана
I wanna see him and derek lewis do it again francis a whole different animal ya dig!
Wuzhaniin Пре 20 дана
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu Пре 20 дана
Chasing Fish!
Chasing Fish! Пре 20 дана
Every night before bed The Boogeyman checks under his bed for Ngannou.
daniel premassis
daniel premassis Пре 20 дана
Y people are commenting his English, its just a language, he won title with his passion, not with English 😘😘😘
Crack Head
Crack Head Пре 20 дана
This was a long interview, plain an simple.
mystical being89
mystical being89 Пре 20 дана
happy for this guy
LONE WOLF Пре 20 дана
Haitian LMAO
Oh he High High
Oh he High High Пре 20 дана
Jones is giving the ufc such a high number because he knows this will be the man to end him
Oh he High High
Oh he High High Пре 20 дана
There’s definitely gonna be a movie about his story it’s inevitable
Hendrick Acosta Ortiz
Hendrick Acosta Ortiz Пре 20 дана
Great man!!! Congratulations!! I now it!! Now you are the king of the UFC!! Hi from México y que viva Camerún!!!
DaeDriC LorD
DaeDriC LorD Пре 20 дана
So happy for you Francis your a beast well deserved
GTGC Пре 20 дана
guy gets more ripped after being 30 when his muscles should decline he increased his dose making him stronger he cheats like most the ufc khabib nurmagamedov for the win the least likely to be a cheater only one i support
Сергей Максимов
Сергей Максимов Пре 20 дана
Сбылась мечта Даны Уайта, ему был нужен такой чемпион, как Френсис Нганну. Новый Майк Тайсон
Chris Gray
Chris Gray Пре 20 дана
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Linda James
Linda James Пре 18 дана
@Sharon James Congratulations 🎉
Sharon James
Sharon James Пре 20 дана
I messaged the same Lindason start investing into the company,She gave me link which I registered and I have made deposit to start earning thank you Mr Chris I am overwhelmed
Chris Gray
Chris Gray Пре 20 дана
@&Abel what are you talking about you have no idea about this manager and you are concluding
&Abel Пре 20 дана
Scam thread with fake posts.
Linda James
Linda James Пре 20 дана
Happiness is mine now Nice project,i shifted 0.08 BTC and I got back 0.24 BTC thanks team
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