UFC 261 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Пре 13 дана

Kamaru Usman made his third successful welterweight title defense against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 earlier this year and earned a Performance of the Night bonus. Usman faces Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24.
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What a good video and what good content I would also like to be a martial artist and fight against the best so I invite you to watch my channel and if you like what you see, subscribe and shar
MatterUnderMind Пре 6 сати
...wonder why Colby won't call out Burns...
Oneyda Abruzzi
Oneyda Abruzzi Пре 6 сати
Internet Truth
Internet Truth Пре 7 сати
@JakePaul these are what real UFC fighters look like
W C Пре 9 сати
Great referee job!
Bhajan bisui
Bhajan bisui Пре 12 сати
Van Basten
Van Basten Пре 13 сати
Boring champ, really boring! Who was his opportunity? GSP is the GOAT!
Harry Tamblyn
Harry Tamblyn Пре 16 сати
Gilbert is an idiot for laying on his back and giving Usman time to recover
Kwadwo Пре 17 сати
Usman pure warrior
Gabo Morales
Gabo Morales Пре 18 сати
How sick would it be if Usman vsMasvidal is a stand up fight. Reckon he gets knocked out but would still be a banger
Gabriel FC
Gabriel FC Пре 19 сати
Durinho 😢😢😢😢
Mikael Goglichidze
Mikael Goglichidze Пре 19 сати
Joe "His job is like a right hand" Rogan
Charlie Bevinio
Charlie Bevinio Пре 20 сати
Every time Buffer shouts my volume just screws up.
arash wani
arash wani Пре 23 сата
"no one can beat Kamaru Usman" -Khabib
Andrew Heavenridge
Andrew Heavenridge Пре 23 сата
usman is an absolute tank
Jetpcker Пре дан
God damn
Dean Kruse
Dean Kruse Пре дан
These wrestlers just find a way to win all the time. It’s bred in to them
Grim Reaper66
Grim Reaper66 Пре дан
Dude in the green shorts was literally on the ground kicking like a PUSSY😂
Matt Abraham
Matt Abraham Пре дан
*Oh man, this guy is really so scary. He doesn't seem so but he is sleek at throwing his jabs.*
Fathur Rahman
Fathur Rahman Пре дан
Kamaru, good Jab
Pure flora organics
Pure flora organics Пре дан
8:52 he knocked the godamn sweat off his head 🤣🤣🤣
Yorsh Vences
Yorsh Vences Пре дан
Ishmael C
Ishmael C Пре дан
This fight was fireworks
hi roller
hi roller Пре дан
Why Burns look down on that last leg kick? ate a Nasty jab and that was it
Master Fretz
Master Fretz Пре дан
Usman Is A True Nightmare..‼ 💯💯❤🥶💧💧💧💧
BuLoN SiDe
BuLoN SiDe Пре дан
Menudo Robo a Juan Espino.
Informed Choice
Informed Choice Пре дан
If he'd followed that strike with a knee it was over surely.
Арсен Арсенов
Арсен Арсенов Пре дан
Усман высокомерный,
Pete Dog
Pete Dog Пре дан
This was definitely one of the worst fight calls I've heard in awhile. Usman was peppering Burns in round 1 and they were still hanging on Gilbert's jock. The significant shots stat comes up and DC is like, "I don't believe it." Joe: "Big head shot!" Burns high kicked Usman in the arm. I think they hit the casino bar early and often that day.
Pete Dog
Pete Dog Пре 7 сати
@Nsikak Okon Rogan is caricature of who he used to be... and he is insufferable when calling fight anymore. He used to be good and talk fight strategy. Dana must have told him to liven things up, and Joe said, "Yes papa."
Nsikak Okon
Nsikak Okon Пре 8 сати
They can't hide the bias. It was oozing that night.
Hakeem The Venomous
Hakeem The Venomous Пре дан
No cap burns had im with that right hook but the chin is made out of vibranium....
Kenia Suárez
Kenia Suárez Пре дан
Que feo lo que isieron con Juan espino.romanov estaba ya cansadito y aprovecho eso para aver el paripe y tirarse al suelo.y muy muy muy mal por la organización x darle la pelea a romanos el llorón .no King Kong como lo llaman.es el romanov LLORÓN.
Samuel Casey
Samuel Casey Пре дан
Burns looks like a deadbug on the ground 😂
realboyzian Пре дан
Gilbert calf kicked usman from the floor.. impressive
Михаил Шишкин
Михаил Шишкин Пре дан
Негр здоров, да бестолков
Lord Malice
Lord Malice Пре дан
They were cool after the 1st round, but no cool anymore after the 2nd round! 🤣
Deep Feelings
Deep Feelings Пре 2 дана
Adam Allan
Adam Allan Пре 2 дана
Put some respect on kamaru usman name
Sharley Marc
Sharley Marc Пре 2 дана
Congradulation Kamaru Usman
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Пре 2 дана
im not gay but i hope usman loses
ADEL ADEL Пре 2 дана
مبروك كامارووو في البداية حسبت ان المنافس قوي بعد السقطة بعدين عرفت ان عثمان يريد اعياء الخصم بعدين ينقض عليه الخصم فاتح على وجه نقطة ضعف استغلها عثمان الف مبروك
Martin Padilla
Martin Padilla Пре 2 дана
Mel TheWork
Mel TheWork Пре 2 дана
I wanna see Usman fight Wonderboy and Luque next. He’s on a legendary run at the moment and is on the cusp of being one of the goats.
D M Пре 2 дана
이겻지만 ....싫어해
zonder man
zonder man Пре 2 дана
сколько же килоджоулей в каждом джебе Усмана...просто вкалачивает морду противника наизнанку!
Joseph Wisner
Joseph Wisner Пре 2 дана
13:40 look at his muscles when he throws this jab :o
ferdiansyah ferdi
ferdiansyah ferdi Пре 2 дана
usman 😴
Alexander Raduán
Alexander Raduán Пре 2 дана
I dunno but the guy has LOOOONG ARMS!
Brenton Pahe
Brenton Pahe Пре 2 дана
Burns was on his way to lose after going to the ground round 1
Thrashert Thrash
Thrashert Thrash Пре 2 дана
Kamaru usman petarung yg mencari sela,dan tidak ceroboh dlm setiap gerakan nya, khabib,kamaru usman,geathje,dustin poirier👍
Yaasir Zamani
Yaasir Zamani Пре 2 дана
Usman way of impressing is so shocking
Deep Down MMA
Deep Down MMA Пре 2 дана
How many times commentator said "JAB" in this fight?
verde 87
verde 87 Пре 2 дана
Barns in questo match ha spaccato!👊💪
m Пре 2 дана
herb dean god job
Along Lkr
Along Lkr Пре 2 дана
That Jab is like a right hand 😭
Onurb Senutna
Onurb Senutna Пре 2 дана
2:04 literally every fight that i had with my brother from age 5 to 8! lool xD
Ajay Ajme
Ajay Ajme Пре 2 дана
Wow😲 all time greatest usman
Street Guru
Street Guru Пре 2 дана
WHAT! I got so scared when he yelled at the camera 😨
Aldo Pepeto
Aldo Pepeto Пре 3 дана
USMAN is like hunting, GILBERT is suffering
Crownmode101 Пре 3 дана
Рустам Ашуров
Рустам Ашуров Пре 3 дана
Малыш Гилберт, очень уверенно поверил в себя после первого раунда. И совсем забыл про защиту , постоянно натыкаясь на джебы К. Усман.
Danny B
Danny B Пре 3 дана
This is arguably Usmans most impressive performance. Gets hurt right out the gates and comes back in the next round to put in a masterclass ON THE FEET. Outstanding fight from a great champion.
king kong
king kong Пре 3 дана
Lol, Mickey Gall knocks both of these clowns out
Steven Smith
Steven Smith Пре 3 дана
He's a beast but can't be trading blows all the time Cause one day someone is gonna pop him hard and its goodnight.
HitmanLowe3 Пре 2 дана
Yea I see some holes in Usmans defense where he is flat footed and let burns tee off on him
Agung Rahmad A
Agung Rahmad A Пре 3 дана
Norman Kamaru was proud to see this
Steve Hamilton
Steve Hamilton Пре 3 дана
You just can't hurt kamaru, he's a beast
lilsdafranchise Пре 3 дана
Kamaru Usman is one of those fighters you think you're going to see an exciting fight but you dont. We stop being real with ourselves and say he so technical wow he has so much heart.
C Los
C Los Пре 3 дана
Marty is too OP
My Vic
My Vic Пре 3 дана
ever sin
ever sin Пре 3 дана
This guy can win over khabib
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts Пре 3 дана
Oh ofc, there’s a reason Khabib never moved up.
Rough Spaghetti
Rough Spaghetti Пре 3 дана
Burns hits usman and nearly knocks him out* Burns: “I lay on ground and let him recover now”
LILTE man Пре 22 сата
Ahaha I get that one ahaha
Rough Spaghetti
Rough Spaghetti Пре дан
@Oluwatosin Adebayo did i offend you or something?
Dry Biscuit
Dry Biscuit Пре дан
@Oluwatosin Adebayo why are you so pressed LOL? He was just pointing out a dumb strategy by Gilbert Burns relax
Oluwatosin Adebayo
Oluwatosin Adebayo Пре дан
stfu, i don't know if you are watching the same fight but haters will always find a way to discredit, Usman was fully recovered, even ate a head kick that sent Burns to the ground
Adam M416
Adam M416 Пре 3 дана
Usman the longer he fought, his fighting style became fiercer
Snow Rider
Snow Rider Пре 3 дана
That jab is like a right hand! Left hand says: what am I a cream puff!
LakeOfFire Пре 3 дана
It looked like Usman switched stances from orthodox to southpaw at the right time to just surprise Gilbert. He waited until Gilbert exhausted some energy so that he could counter attack.
Whayase Пре 3 дана
14:10 ugly af
Jade Dulay
Jade Dulay Пре 3 дана
This akon nigerian nightmare weakness is a very good striker it seems 1 or 2 more fights will see if he can defend his belt i dont like him because his arrogant
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts Пре дан
@Jade Dulay Obviously, that happens to everyone. You still haven’t answered how he is “arrogant”?
Jade Dulay
Jade Dulay Пре дан
One day that usman will loose his title
Jade Dulay
Jade Dulay Пре дан
You see the fight round 1 when burns won on round one doesnt trashtalk but 2nd round usman won the round he start trashtalking
Achibald Fleischpeitsche
Achibald Fleischpeitsche Пре 2 дана
masvidalgot outclasses even inthe striking game and hes one of the top strikers inthe ww division
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts
daze - Telltale Sh!tposts Пре 3 дана
How is he arrogant? This is an ignorant comment.
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast Пре 3 дана
If Masvidal hits Usman flush the way Burns did in the first, Usman gets finished.
B-boy StuntZ
B-boy StuntZ Пре 3 дана
Joe said:" the guy is in his prime, and getting better." Well.....that means he's not in his prime then.
B-boy StuntZ
B-boy StuntZ Пре 3 дана
@jaap klapkaak Prime definition: "of the best possible quality; excellent." "prime cuts of meat" Other words for Prime: Top. Best. So therefore, if he's getting BETTER, he's not at his BEST yet.
jaap klapkaak
jaap klapkaak Пре 3 дана
that's not what being in your ''prime'' means lel. it means in the best age range, around your 30's, when your body is biologicaly the strongest.
Optic Choky
Optic Choky Пре 3 дана
How does masvidal stand a chance?
Craig Wortham
Craig Wortham Пре 3 дана
Usman's right jab is scary.
John Abraham
John Abraham Пре 3 дана
Usman is having PSG in fighting 💯 percent
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Пре 3 дана
Why do ufc fights seem slower now days pussy was kicking on the floor fighting like a girl 😂😂
Achibald Fleischpeitsche
Achibald Fleischpeitsche Пре 2 дана
kicks really hurt younever been kicked in the leg and you wouldnt call him that in his face
J.J.Alvarez 2005
J.J.Alvarez 2005 Пре 3 дана
This fight was so disappointing they made it free masvidal vs Usman still ain't free
Achibald Fleischpeitsche
Achibald Fleischpeitsche Пре 2 дана
yeah because masvidal is fighting usman why would they h+show a fight where the fighter gets completley outclassed? and you ´dont get naything for free seems like youre not really an mma fan
Asim Aso
Asim Aso Пре 4 дана
Kevin Greeley
Kevin Greeley Пре 4 дана
Mazvidal. Dont aim chin, crush his wind pipe. Aim center chest,Adam's apple. If you miss or he deflects, you still have that angle. Champ didnt like that knee directly center mass. Combos,Counters/finish with a uppercut before you think hes gunna shoot. He will. But only after he plays games thinking he has finally made it. No hesitation. My guy is about to show you all. Respect to Usy. There is no heart without loss. Bbbbbbllesss the man
Kevin Greeley
Kevin Greeley Пре 4 дана
Kevin Greeley
Kevin Greeley Пре 4 дана
Ixsane Пре 4 дана
AlwaysRetr0 Пре 4 дана
Usman is unbelievably durable. He took that overhand right to the temple from one of the most powerful punchers in the weight class, and it didn't even count officially as a knockdown because he popped right back up. His jab was underrated before this fight, but his durability is still massively overrated. Masvidal can't hurt this guy.
Chris Lange-Pearson
Chris Lange-Pearson Пре 8 сати
underrated you mean?
Ayzik Dig
Ayzik Dig Пре 4 дана
after his belt fight he won every foght and woodly lost every fight
Jerson Josué Ledezma Solares
Jerson Josué Ledezma Solares Пре 4 дана
Double guard, well moderm boxing
Abdou Wahab
Abdou Wahab Пре 4 дана
تسرع بورن في المبارات جيد على ألا رض زاءد الملاكمة عندك كل شيء للفوز تسرعت يابارن
Ukash 2020
Ukash 2020 Пре 4 дана
Big man chamion usman
Заид Содик
Заид Содик Пре 4 дана
Усман ты настоящий ТИГР
Мурод Мурдов
Мурод Мурдов Пре 4 дана
Usman Feky
Roman Humbug
Roman Humbug Пре 4 дана
Rogan scream 01:06 01:12 01:18
lolololol Пре 4 дана
burns and covington are the only real contender against usman masvidal is a beast but he can’t stop usman’s wrestling
Solaiman Akbar
Solaiman Akbar Пре 4 дана
Sumit D
Sumit D Пре 4 дана
Usman nothing great...but Burns chin not that good?
KolbyTheShinobi Пре 4 дана
8:52 Beautiful pull-back counter🔥
Upasuhut Jurnal
Upasuhut Jurnal Пре 4 дана
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